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Dental Exams & Teeth Whitening from Waverly, Ohio

Whether you need dental exams or teeth whitening, trust your smile with the caring staff at the office of Lisa K. Frost D.D.S. in Waverly, Ohio. We provide a wide range of dental services to improve your oral health and beautify your smile.

Comprehensive Exams

Dental exams include a thorough evaluation of the condition and function of all oral structures, including jaw joints, muscles, jawbone, gums, and teeth.

We screen for cancer and take a full series of photos and X-rays for accurate diagnosis. Any disease, infection, or dysfunction is diagnosed, and we propose treatment options.

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Dental Services

Teeth Cleanings– Also called prophy, this is a scaling and polishing procedure performed to remove coronal plaque, calculus, and stains.

Sealants– Clear, protective coatings are commonly placed on the back teeth of children to protect against bacteria, plaque, and cavities. 

Resin Filling– A composite material is used to replace an area of the tooth where decay has been removed and a cavity remains.

Bite Splint Therapy– This is a conservative appliances therapy for TMJ dysfunction, teeth clinching, and grinding that protects muscle, joints, and teeth

Air Abrasion– No numbing or drilling is required to treat shallow cavities.

Root Canals– This dental procedure fixes a tooth by removing the pulp chamber and filling it with a suitable filling material.

Dentures– Artificial substitutes for natural teeth and adjacent tissues keep your smile intact.

Lumineers– Ultra-thin porcelain veneers painlessly reshape, rebuild, and whiten your smile.

Invisalign– This is a popular clear, removable alternative to braces.

Snap-On Smile– An affordable and removable appliance that transforms your smile, Snap-On Smile features no pain or drilling. It fits over your teeth to camouflage staining, spaces, alignment issues, crowding, wear, and more.

Crowns– These caps are custom-made coverings that fit over your whole tooth after the dentist has prepared it.

Bridges– A bridge is a dental appliance permanently cemented onto adjacent teeth to replace one or more missing teeth.

Whitening– This cosmetic procedure whitens natural teeth with a bleaching agent.

Scaling & Root Planting– This is a non-surgical, deep cleaning to treat periodontal disease.

Extractions– This is the removal of a tooth or tooth part.

DIAGNOdent– This is a harmless laser used for decay detection.

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